PokerStars LIVE at the Hippodrome Friends is the loyalty programme for PokerStars LIVE at The Hippodrome Casino.

You earn points by playing cash poker or any other game within the casino, and becoming a cardholder is quick, easy and free. For example, you'll receive the equivalent of £0.60 for each hour of cash poker you play.

To join, simply visit the PokerStars LIVE Welcome desk on the ground floor, or the cash registration desk at the PokerStars LIVE Lounge on the fourth floor and ask for a PokerStars LIVE card.

If you’ve been sent a card, please note you'll need to provide photo ID and register your details with the casino on your first visit in order to activate your card. If you've received a voucher to collect a card, please present this when you visit the casino along with photo ID and you'll receive your card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What if I already have a Hippodrome Friends card?

A.If you already have a Hippodrome Friends card, any points collected will be transferred to your new PokerStars LIVE card.

Q.How many points do I earn for playing Poker?

A.You’ll earn the equivalent of £0.60 in points for each hour of cash poker you play.

Q.Do I earn points for playing the PokerStars Live London Series?

A.Points on poker are only awarded on cash games, so you will not earn points in a tournament.

Q.Can I earn points for playing other games?

A.Yes, simply hand your card to the dealer before you place your bet or insert your card into the slot /electronic machines

Q.Can I earn points on food and drink?

A.Yes, just present your card when you make your purchase.

Q.Can I earn points for buying theatre tickets?

A.Yes, just present your card when purchasing your tickets.

Q.How do I spend my points?

A.Redeeming your points couldn’t be easier - just give your card to a member of the bar, restaurant, theatre or cash desk teams. Only registered cards will be able to redeem points.

Q.How do I check my points balance?

A.You can check your points balance at the PokerStars LIVE welcome desk, The Hippodrome Casino welcome desk, or any slots and electronic terminals